PLEASE NOTE: All patients and visitors over the age of 2 are required to wear a mask or face covering when visiting all TPCA offices and departments.

NEW Lab Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday, 6:30am-3:00pm, closed Saturday and Sunday.

TPCA Providers

When choosing a healthcare provider, there are many important factors to consider that go beyond professional credentials. As potential patients, we consider things such as the location in relation to our home or office and whether or not the office hours work within our availability. We may also prefer a provider of a specific certification, gender, or area of interest.

Alvarez, Susan M., APRN-C, DNP

Antley, Mona G., APRN-C

Brown, Ashley K., APRN-C

Chipps-Walton, Sarah, APRN-C

Coney, Megan N., PA-C

Crooms, Christine L., APRN-C

Davis, Kathryn H., MD

Foutch, Brandon D., APRN-C

Gamble, Terreze M., MD

Ganas, K. Hope, APRN-C

Gleaton, Amy Z., APRN, FNP-BC

Godbey, J. Karen, APRN-C

Groll, Stacia Kutter, MD

Harmon, Kristin A., MD

Hartsfield, Mary Elizabeth, APRN-C

Hartsfield, Paul F., MD

Henderson, Nadine, APRN-C

Hogan, Patricia A., MD

Hugger, Kennessa W., MD, FAAP

Ling, Hanna M., APRN-C

Long, Charles G., MD, FAAP

Manalo, Ginny C., APRN-C

Mazziotta, Danielle C., APRN-C

Medders, Torie T., APRN-C

Mitchell, Raquel M., MD

Morse, William L., MD

Patel, Pooja N., MD

Perry IV, E. Jonathan, MD

Perry, Gregory D., MD

Peters, Abby H., MD

Reyes, Oliver A., DO

Rosner, Laura B., MD

Sankuratri, Madhuri, MD

Shearer, Amanda L. MD

Simmons, Kathryn A., MD, FAAP

Simmons-Todd, Rebekah G., PA-C

Singh, Jayati C., MD, FAAP

Smith, E. Nikki, PA-C

Smith, Victoria L., MD

Spannring, Joan M., APRN-C

St. Petery, Louis B., Jr., MD

Steele, Lynn A., APRN-C

Thompson, Amber M., APRN-C, DNP

Todd, Melanie B., PA-C

Turner, John C., MD

VanLandingham, Cody A., MD

VanLandingham, Hugh E., MD, FAAFP

Vining, Justin “Mac”, MD

Wallace, Mervin P. MD, FAAFP

Williams, Gregory A., DO, FAAFP

Willis, Brandy Childers, MD

Winchester, Gary E., MD, FAAFP

Zorn, Thomas Austin, MD