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At TPCA, the opinions of our patients mean the world as we make it a priority to provide you with the best health care experience. We routinely ask patients to share the experiences they have. Not only is this a way for us to prosper and grow, it allows others in the community to get a feel for what it’s like to be a part of the TPCA family.

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TPCA Tributes and Stories

-Capital Pediatrics- Dr. Hugger

“Both of my nieces are patients of Capital Pediatrics- Dr. Hugger. Needless to say, I’m very happy with the professional care these two beautiful girls receive from Dr. Hugger. Their ages are seven (7) and nine (9) months old.”

-Capital Pediatrics

“I love Capital Pediatrics. My children have been patients for a few years and the staff relates well to them. Dr. Hugger and Singh are great!”

-Dr. Sankuratri’s Office

“I love the new offices of Dr. Sankuratri! So spacious, clean and quiet. She is so caring and kind to answer my questions.”

-Dr. Thompson’s Office

“Dr. Thompson is a good physician. She is thorough and takes pride in the way she treats her patients. Tawanna and the other staff are wonderful, friendly, and professional.”

-Dr. Patel’s Office

“Thumbs up to Dr. Pooja Patel, Ginny her NP and office staff. I started seeing her and was in constant pain from my condition. She has taken time and treated me so I feel so much better than before. Thanks for the kindness and concern that you show me on EVERY visit.”

-Dr. Gamble’s Office

“Thanks for the referral to Dr. Gamble, my new primary care physician! In the first appointment last week, she demonstrated kindness, patience, comprehensive knowledge, concern and caring…all the qualities I so appreciate in a good doctor. My hope is to be healthy; with Drs. Patel and Gamble, here in Tallahassee, my hope is restored.”

-Dr. Harmon’s Office

“Thank you to Dr. Harmon for helping me cope with Diabetes and all the ups and downs that come along. Dr. Harmon always takes time to talk with me and makes me feel like a partner in dealing with this awful condition. Thank you so much, Dr. Harmon, for being so caring and understanding.”

-Dr. Hartsfield’s Office

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Paul Hartsfield for approximately two years and he and his staff are the best. He always explains what he is doing and why he is doing it and has put several of my fears at ease.

-Dr. Patel’s Office

“Last year, I went to the University of FL thinking I would receive the very best of care–most avante gard and comprehensive treatment. Ironically, it is small city Tallahassee where I am receiving the most comprehensive care– complete with x-rays, extensive bloodwork, and a doctor who seems to respect my mind by giving me direct comprehensible information and sharing the reasoning in care. Thanks, Dr. Pooja Patel!–you should be the doctor teaching med. students how to be; but I am glad you are in Tally! Thank you.”

-Dr. Hartsfield’s Office

“It doesn’t get any better Dr. Hartsfield, Danieal Wilkenson and the rest of the staff. We love them!! And are eternally grateful for their care. Danieal was very thorough and compassionate to my concerns and needs medically. Its no mistake I am a patient here.”

-Dr. Willis’ office

“I have been a resident of Tallahassee for over 35 years, and during that time, I have seen several doctors for various reasons. Unfortunately, none of these doctors would remain a constant fixture in my health care regimen, with the exception of Dr. Brandy Willis. I would be remiss if I did not give credit where credit was due. With that being said, I cannot begin to express my sincerest gratitude for the exceptional and extremely professional care provided me by Dr. Willis. I consider myself very blessed because of her truly genuine desire to make sure I receive optimal care. Dr. Willis is NEVER in a hurry to “rush” our visit. On the contrary, she will remain with her patients until all concerns are addressed. I have had the wonderful opportunity of referring several friends to Dr. Willis, and have never looked back. God has a special plan for Dr. Willis, and I am excited to be a part of the “Dr. Willis family.” I would also like to give a special shout out to her assistant at the front desk, Ms. Tina. She is one in a million (just like Dr. Willis)! I am grateful for this opportunity to express what an awesome and amazing gift Dr. Willis is to Tallahassee and to the medical community at large!”

-Dr. Smith’s Office

“Dr. Smith is awesome! She is professional and she cares about her patients. The office staff is personal very customer friendly. I would certainly recommend Dr. Smith to other patients. She takes time to listen to her patients and she provides quality care.”

-Dr. Mervin Wallace’s Office

“Dr. Mervin Wallace and his staff have provided exceptional care for my sister, age 67, who has severe depression. I helped her research and choose Dr. Wallace and we could not be happier with the care she’s gotten from everyone in the office, but particularly from Dr. W. and his RNs. She was most impressed with Dr. Wallace’s caring and fully attentive manner. She described how patient he was as he did a very thorough history and exam. We are deeply grateful that under his skillful care, with close follow-up to monitor her response to new meds, she’s regained her energy and enthusiasm for life. May God bless and energize Dr. Wallace and his staff – all very special care providers.”

-Dr. Hartsfield’s Office

“Thank you Dr. Paul Hartsfield and staff for being so caring and for helping me always find the right answers for my health needs, no matter how small or large the issue. I also love that I hardly ever have to wait for an appointment.”

-Dr. Hogan’s Office

“My daughter and I have been patients of Dr. Patricia Hogan for several years. She is one of the most caring and understanding physicians I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She always listens to our concerns and does everything in her power to make things better. I want to thank her from the bottom of my heart for being the professional and caring person that she is. I always feel welcome in her office. Thank you.”

-Dr. Rosner’s Office

“I would like to thank Dr. Rosner for her caring and concern for me with my battle with depression. Having likely suffered with it for some 20 years, I finally realized I needed help and scheduled an appointment with Dr. Rosner. She listened to my input without judgment, diagnosed my condition, and got me back on track to a fulfilling and balanced life. I now spend a significant amount of my professional and personal time encouraging those who may be suffering from mental illness to see their doctor. I do not exaggerate when I say that I believe Dr. Rosner saved my life. Thank you!”

-Dr. Wallace’s Office

“Dr. Wallace and his office staff served my Grandmother and serve my sister’s healthcare needs. My grandmother lived a rich 91 years and the kind, gentle, professional care she received was the best that you could ever hope for. She felt as though they were family. Thanks for making her last years the most comfortable possible. I appreciate the care you currently provide to my sister. It’s a great feeling to know that you are looking out for my family. God bless and keep you all!”

-Dr. Wallace’s Office

“I have been a patient of Dr. Mervin Wallace for 10 years. Dr. Wallace has been an advocate for my health issues with knowledge and compassion. I trust him to make the right decisions for the benefit of my health. If my issues are out of his expertise, he has referred me to an excellent specialist. Dr. Wallace has a mannerism that surpasses any physician I have ever seen, (and that has been many). Thank you Dr. Wallace for making me a health, happy person. Don’t forget to thank your staff for me – they are the best!!!!!”

Dr. Winchester’s office

I have been a patient of Dr. Winchester since I was a young girl, I’m now 65, and he’s ALWAYS been there for me. I have never had to wait for hours in the reception area. The whole office staff works with you and treats you like a friend. I highly recommend TPCA for treatment. 

-TPCA Diagnostic Imaging Center

“To the two lovely ladies that helped me when I was there… getting a CT scan. Thank you for being loving and caring. In this day and time, nobody helps anybody, but everyone was so nice and sweet to me. God bless you both, thanks from my heart…”

-Dr. Morse’s Office

“With having several chronic conditions, I’ve been to many Dr. offices and I’ve never felt the care and concern that is always exhibited here. I feel blessed to be a patient.”

-Dr. Hogan’s Office

“My family has been with Dr. Hogan for 15 years. Wife, husband, 1 daughter, 2 sons and now 1 granddaughter. Very professional and courteous!”

-Tallahassee Pediatrics

“The physicians at Tallahassee Pediatrics are wonderful. They are all knowledgeable and care for my children with compassion. The office staff is friendly and interact well with children.”

-Dr. Davis’ Office

“I love Dr. Davis! Unlike most physician experiences I’ve had, she truly makes me feel a part of my healthcare. She asks questions and truly listens. Her staff is always helpful too!”

-Dr. Perry’s Office

“I have so many words to express my appreciation for Dr. Gregory Perry that all of those words can never fit into this short space! In all of my seven decades of life, I have never had a doctor as caring and as efficient as Dr. Perry. Dr. Perry literally saved my life one day by attending to my needs while I was having a bad heart attack; and to make the situation even more intense for him, he was already in the middle of another emergency while helping me. My life, no doubt, was ending that day, but thanks to Dr. Perry’s caring and attention, I have made it another eight years. There’s more… but I’ll wait another day to express more appreciation for his great service!”

-Dr. Wallace’s Office

“I met Dr. Wallace last Thursday. My brother is 76 years old and his health has been in decline the last few years. We have seen doctor after doctor and had test after test with each, but never has my brother been treated as well as with the few minutes we were with Dr. Wallace. Dr. Wallace I thank you for the kind manner you showed my brother. I know you are the answer to my prayers for him. He is now in the hospital that you chose and we are looking forward to you being his doctor in rehab in Quincy. Thank you again for the way you treated him. You are a blessing to everyone you meet, I am sure! Thank you and I know God is blessing each person you touch.”

-Dr. Morse’s Office

“I am a new patient of Dr. William Morse, and I have never met such an exceptional doctor. In every way, he exceeds my highest expectations and I truly appreciate his personable personality. He makes you feel like he has all the time in the world to talk and listen to you. He doesn’t rush and I like his holistic approach on things. Thank you, Dr. Morse!”

-Dr. Williams’ Office

“I’ve been with Dr. Williams since 1996. Dr. W… thanks for working with me as a medical partnership. No doctor like him in my 35 years of disability. Thank you, Dr. Williams’ staff for outstanding medical assistance.”

-TPCA’s Lab and Diagnostic Imaging Center

“This is a great place to come, if you have to have labs, x-rays done.”

-Dr. Gamble’s Office

“I am a patient of Dr. T.M. Gamble and I want to thank you for having excellent employees like Tina. She is always very helpful with any questions and requests for assistance that I have. Keep up the good work.”

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