Pediatric Immunization Schedule

Schedule of Immunizations and Exams for Children

1-3 days old         Exam           Follow-up from hospital. First HEPB in Hospital
2 Weeks     Exam including growth chart
2 months    Exam           Pentacel #1, Prevnar #1, Rotovirus, HEPB
4 months    Exam           Pentacel #2, Prevnar #2, Rotovirus
6 months    Exam           Pentacel #3, Prevnar #3, Rotovirus, HEPB
9 months    Exam           CBC, First Words Screening
12 months  Exam           MMR, Varicella, Prevnar #4, Hep A #1
15 months  Exam           DTAP, HIB
18 months  Exam           HEP A #2
2 years       Exam           Urinalysis   HEP A #2 if not given at 18 months.
3 years       Exam           Yearly visual Acuity, Pure tone hearing and TB risk questions
4 years       Exam           Kinrix, Varicella,  MMR, Visual Acuity, Hearing and TB risk questions
5-10 yrs      Exam           Yearly visual screen, Pure tone hearing and TB risk screening
11 years     Exam           Menactra, Tdap, HPV. Urinalysis Visual screen, Hearing, TB risk
12-17 yrs    Exam           Visual Acuity, Pure tone hearing, TB risk questions


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