New Year’s Resolution: Time

Many of us make New Year’s resolutions related to exercise and fitness. Do you have a hard time setting these New Year’s resolutions? Do you have an even harder time keeping them? For those of you that can relate, here’s a suggestion: This year, instead of setting an outcome goal, try setting a time goal.

An outcome goal has to do with the result, the final product. This could be 50 lbs weight loss, dropping four dress sizes or increasing muscle mass. Often times we get frustrated if those results take a while. With an outcome goal, too many of us drop out by mid-February and never come close to the end of the year. A daily time commitment to exercise is a goal that can be achieved every day. If there is ever a day when you cannot accomplish your goal, there is always tomorrow. This gives you many opportunities to fulfill your New Year’s Resolution instead of one final yes/no outcome.

Committing time to exercise is crucial. Lack of time is the number one reason people give for not doing something good for their bodies. It can be walking, yoga, riding a bike, or dancing around your living room. Make an appointment with yourself and keep that appointment as diligently and consistently as you would keep a doctor’s appointment or a meeting with anyone else. Program an alarm or calendar item in your phone and set that time aside. Consistency and commitment are the building blocks of great healthy habits. You might not have a stellar workout every single day. Some days may be slow and pitiful but get those minutes in! Just keep moving! There may be days where you are sick or on vacation and can only manage a few minutes of light stretching. But can you imagine yourself at the end of 2016 with regular, consistent daily exercise habits? Just think what you could accomplish in 2017!

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