About Us

Tallahassee Primary Care Associates seeks to provide you with the best care possible through our primary care and specialty area physicians and healthcare providers, who are dedicated to excellence and teamwork. In addition to our physician services, we provide patient access to other essential preventive and diagnostic programs and services, such as a clinical laboratory, diagnostic imaging, and many other valuable patient services. All of these services and programs are provided in a completely integrated manner within the TPCA family.

Dedicated to giving you the ultimate warm and inviting healthcare experience, we pride ourselves in our individual physician office model, allowing physicians their own unique setting and environment, while still enhancing patient care through ancillary programs and services. TPCA patients benefit from personal care, characteristic of small private medical practices, without foregoing the benefits of a large physician network. This unique balance sets TPCA apart from the medical community. With this diverse group of services, TPCA is able to provide healthcare to newborns, children, teenagers, adults and seniors.