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Spring is in the Air- What’s your Allergy Relief?

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By: Dr. Chris VanSickle, TPCA Family and Sports Medicine


People who have “seasonal” allergies are actually allergic all year round. Increase in symptoms coincides with pollen count. Due to this year’s severe winter weather, experts are calling for a particularly massive pollen bloom.


Many allergy sufferers are already experiencing severe allergic reactions. Antihistamines, steroidal nasal sprays and steroid prescriptions simply cover up allergy symptoms. Building a patient’s resistance to what he/she is allergic to is the only way to truly get long lasting, if not permanent relief from allergies and their symptoms.


In the past, needle testing was the only method of identifying the environmental allergens an individual was allergic to. Unfortunately, allergy shots have been given as treatment for the past 60 years with very low success rates.


Needle-free, pain-free skin testing is now available at TPCA! Sublingual serum (oral drops, NO shots) is the corresponding treatment plan. It would be our pleasure to serve our patients, family and friends with this pain-free option for reducing and eliminating your most challenging allergic symptoms. Contact us today to start your allergy relief regimen!


Service is covered by most commercial insurances.*


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*Service not covered by CHP.

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